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In a matching gesture, Mr Francois d’Aubert, the budget minister, said the government would buy only two-thirds of the 10, cars worth FFrSOOmj it normally buys each year. The idea behind all of this work is that the use of natural resources should be sustainable. However, the non-seasonal monthly food price rise of 0. Ilocjie nepBoro xhakomcxba c npoipaM- Moii Mo: Even ICl the UK chemicals giant, admitted recently that some of its businesses were deficient in this respect The example set by production innovators such as Toyota and Intel bns helped improve the balance of power within Anglo-Saxon enter- prises since the early s, but still not to the level common in manu- facturing-minded Asian, German and Swedish companies.

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But such interest may only fully bear fruit omtorola Moldova meets its second chief chal- lenge: Ending a meeting of an inter- governmental commission on trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation in New Delhi, Indian and Russian offi- cials said they were deter- mined to increase bilateral trade which suffered after the Soviet Union collapsed in Estimates from Asian embas- sies in Abu Dhabi and consular officials in Dubai suggest there are more than 1.

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An opinion poll carried in the Sevodnya newspaper yesterday suggested the Democratic Choice of Russia party motoroola only 3 per cent support But the electorate is highly fragmented. T wo years after the xpp of founding president Felix Houphouet- Boigny, Ivory Coast faces as critical a test as any in its post independence history. PesyAbmam 6 ua npeofc- HUM. They accused ministers of going back on an agreed formula allowing Tenaga to adjust its charges in line with fuel prices and other costs.

Page 4 DS probes contract bribery: Mr Matos Azocar, who has already conceded the need for some of these measures, favours slower implementa- tion. While the Bonn government hopes the IGC will be able to advance integration in areas neglected in the Maastricht Treaty and close to the heart of Mr Kohl, it is conscious that there are dangers in terms of domestic politics. Stephen Daldry’s blistering production goes straight to the core of the play with a st agi ng that emphasises the isolation of the two men.


The only Russian H ank with a licence to operate in London is not one of the new breed of pri- vate banks.

Vulnerable government One has been to inhibit indus- trial specialisation and encourage duplicated capacity in a few sec- tors deemed to motorooa national priori- ties. Despite the thin, airy orchestral texture, the music became quite opaque as the instrumental voices multi- plied in the opening movement.

But this had not been viable since Japan’s commercial laws bar corporations from buying their own stock and hence pre- venting them from owning trea- sury shares. It is the first rise in negative equity since the third quarter of last year.

Moscow financiers claim the Fed has also rebuffed them by demanding records of business going back 20 years.

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However, the stampede Is arousing growing anx- iety in Seoul, which this week sought to rein it in by imposing tighter curbs on the financing of direct foreign investments. The US can no longer keep a lid on computer technology. However, population growth has caused serious housing problems as incoming well-heeled people bid up house prices. In the final five years of colonial rule, all Koreans were forced to assume Japanese names, and lj2m of them were exiled to Japan, for forced labour.

Nearly 30 per cent of poten- tial voters have failed to regis- ter and there are fears of vio- lence if they arrive at polling stations and demand to vote.

By the standards of motoropa Ban- esto debacle this is a relatively minor charge, for Mr Conde is accused, in the main proceed- ings brought against him, of fraud totalling Pta7bn.


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To tap our potential talk to Patrick Wilson on Most sport is professional: A former parliamentary speaker, he took over automatically when Presi- dent Felix Houpbouet-Boigny died and is keen now to win election in his own right and emerge from the shadow of “the Old Man”.

It will require licences for military destinations but not for civil- ians up to 7. The central thrust of the Tory moyorola is now directed against the party which stands behind Mr Blair.

Senior ministers have indi- cated that once the party con- ference is over efforts will be made to start intensive talks as soon as possible, including Sinn Fein and other parties. The move came as more than a dozen mineral water brands have recently been found alleg- edly contaminated in Japan and inspection procedures have been tightened.

The electorate is no: It is a mood that demands an ever-more strident populism in its onslaught against the chosen scapegoats. Instead of clearing the usual ten hectares of forest. Ho ne BcexAa Bce xaK npocxo.

The highway was folly opened last year, well ahead of schedule. The proposed changes would significantly raise the perfor- mance ceiling for computers that can be exported without special licences – from L Mtops millions of theoretical operations per second to 10, Mtops for sales in South Amer- ica, South Korea, Asean nations, Hungary.

If the government can hold on to its majority at West- minster until the spring oftbe upturn will be felt in the voters’ wallets.