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Once you have entered all of your modules, you may notice them also show up in a list when you select module at the top of the screen too. Also why not just contact them on the phone or email them directly instead of trying to move it through the phone. Unfortunately this also makes it very hard for our iPHC web-interface running on Apache, to access and use the cm15ademo controller application we compiled earlier. In the “Do you know the template id I hope this worked out for everyone interested in setting this up. No such file or directory compilation terminated. I am using LinuxMint 13 Maya.

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Not working in demo: I’ve just tested my set time code and it works.

It was driving me nuts as I would get a 5D xx xx xx He was very helpful to me by email when I put this together. Set it up to automagically detect the interface and reload router. I don’t know if there are any now as new people have moved in.

This process requires several different packages of files and programs, etc.


The above is what was returned from the AHP software. I check about 8 of them.


CM15A on Linux July 24th, Correct, sorry I forgot to add that: The format of these transmissions is: I’ll also post a bug to Homeseer. I just added you to my Google News Reader.

Tanks in advance pierre. For Linux try my device drivers I need to update them and provide a link here.

Cm5a have one last step to perform before they are operational. If you search through some of the posts you’ll see that I’ve been in contact with X10 on the very subject both development and marketing. Watch what devices they open from CreateFile and watch the the device control code they send from DeviceIoControl.

Any hope of getting the CM15A info for Linux?

I seem to recall the addresses starting at and incrementing by 32 bytes each time. Is there another database I should be using, or was I supposed to manually set up a database?

I don’t think anyone from X10 reads this particular forum.

Using a TI It’s the only thing I had available and using this example from the manual: At the time I wrote my page there were no neighbors with X I have one question: No such file or directorymake: The cm15ademo is quite the old device and there are newer options out there that have better support than I can find or offer.


I have been running this setup on a large box for quite some time and have been keenly looking to move it all over to a sheevaplug as you have, I am glad to hear the tutorial was helpful for you. The word, post here a year ago, was that we’re busy now but we’ll get to it.

Now quit visudo by pressing the keyboard keys CTRL and x at the same time.

CM15A – LinuxMCE

Ill figure out where to add the code I have it at startup right now, but that isn’t enough and I’ll post the fix. A new Edit Device Template window will appear. This page has been accessed 26, times. In any case all is not lost. Well I’ve also been contacted by other vendors linyx I have their info.