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Looking for vintage computers and parts. Still can’t connect to the network. Also do you have another card you can use? Though just to be sure, I’ll see if I can try it on one of my systems another time. What version of Windows 95?

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Though just to be sure, I’ll see if I can try it on one of my systems another time. That’s not a good sign then that the card is not detected. I’m beginning to think that it could be some sort of resource conflict, even though Windows doesn’t suspect it and that the SB16 is not even using it.

Setting it manually to what I know is correct gives me a warning about changing resources but everything works suddenly I’m not familiar with that particular card but I’m guessing the driver disk has a setup program where you assign IRQ plus less important stuff like frame type, etc or try another PCI slot and hope plug and play assigns it another one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get very far to installing the utility software as it doesn’t detect the card, even in Windows and DOS with the packet driver successfully installed.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Strange, given it is an NE clone. Can you try the Card and Tool in another PC.


I ended up replacing it with a PCI card and permanently installing it into the where it had no problem and is actually a good card, also ran the other one in a for years before putting a PCI one in only because I had no spare ISA Ethernet cards for a non-PCI system I was messing with.

Or maybe, recove all other Cards you dont need for Dos and try Setup again. Could be just a duff card, it happens.

Testing the loop back or trying another ISA slot is a good idea though. If I have the time and motivation to do so, I’ll test it in another machine.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I’ve pretty much given up on the Ether Well unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the option to turn down the BUS clock to see if that would make any difference at all.

In addition, it also does have a tendency to not even initialize properly under Windows in some cases whenever I make hardware changes to the system and NOT even touch the network card at all.

Linksys Ether16 LAN Card Model Lne2000t

PM me if you have some to give away. Still couldn’t get an IP address from the router and couldn’t do a loopback that way.

Still can’t connect to the network. Just use the NE Users browsing this forum: Ethrr16 won’t freaking get an IP address from the router. If you are lucky, the network card will have jumpers, otherwise it a case of trial and error to find the IRQ and IO base settings. Board index All times are UTC. Also do you have another card you can use?


Linksys Ether16 LAN Card Model Lnet | eBay

I’ve tried the stock drivers that came with Windows 95 and the drivers from online and different configurations. Ether1 this the card? Unrelated but it’s probably a good time to mention there was a Winsock update for Windows 95 as well- http: Check you have the correct resources set Windows always gets my network cards IRQ wrong on a fresh install but if you believed windows everything is fine.

My 3C exhibits similar behavior in one of my ‘s lxn I ramp up the BUS Clock and the configuration tool will either not detect it or permanently damage the card. I was able to do a loopback with no problems at all.

Linksys ETHER16 LAN ISA Network Card With Coax Ethernet Connector

Did a little further testing. And unfortunately, I don’t have a hub or a switch. Have the SB16 and Yamaha sound card installed alongside.