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A few weeks ago I used the unit at work and disabled wireless via the switch to avoid setting off our IDS. The case label says: Any further information would be greatly appreciated. If you are unable to test the mainline kernel, please comment as to why specifically you were unable to test it and add the following tags: Turn the laptop over bottom up and remove the battery 2.

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One day after installing updates on the Time to get the screwdriver This would be beneficial because then I could compare it with my results when I got a backup. Please do not test the kernel in the mainline kernels archive directory daily folder, but the one all the way at the bottom.

Request to upgrade files as bug VIA PadLock not detected.

Download full text 5. The suspend workaround stopped working for me. I would like to confirm that I also have this exact same problem in every respect exact same e10 and OS. No Bluetooth hardware found!!!


Lenovo Sc Atom GHz 1 GB RAM GB HDD Bluetooth Price Bangladesh : Bdstall

Unable to set channel. When Wlan is working and I turn off the wireless hardware switch, Wlan and Bluetooth gets disabled as expected, but when I turn it on again, it does not get reactivated and I have to do the workaround again to get it working again.

No idea why, though. Some detailed information can be also found there: After which I then booted into Ubuntu I did some tests again: Link to Lenovo Ideapad S driver page below: I was able to reproduce the kernel-panic problem by just renaming the initrd. After some unsuccessful tries with the IPhone: If you are vluetooth to test the mainline kernel, please comment as to why specifically you were unable to test it and add the following tags: Kotsbak mariusko wrote on I have a problem identical to seanneko, although seemingly slightly different to others here.

Lenovo S10-3c Atom 1.66GHz 1 GB RAM 160GB HDD Bluetooth

Kotsbak, if you have a bug in Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Kernel team, Ubuntu Bug Control team, and Ubuntu Bug Squad would like you to please file a new report by executing the following in a terminal: For more on this, please see the Ubuntu Kernel team article: Michael Mess michael-michaelmess wrote on Ideapad u official drivers.


The instructions below involve removing the battery backup power for your BIOS to allow a complete reset to factory settings. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. There are small tabs on the bottom edge of the keyboard which insert into the case to hold it in place.

I have tested lenlvo with the llenovo raring image My findings agree with the theory posed by Chase.

Some days ago, I forgot to reload the module after suspending. I confirm this “erro” in HP-Compaq p.

I booted the kernel with the kernel parameters added: There is enough cable that you can flip the keyboard over and still get to the connector.