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Reports were received today of horizontal directional drilling on Royal Road and rock saw excavation on Crowes Road for underground distribution lines as well as reports of a turbine tower being transported to the site. Share Adjust Comment Print. Fundraising will need to continue but the battle has at last been won! Bill 2 was passed into law late yesterday afternoon following the third and final reading and the proclamation of royal assent. Others have asked about the draw prizes.

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wpd, APPEC examining options after decision

All of the turbines are expected to be installed over the next three weeks, with testing scheduled for the following month. While this comes as great news, celebrations are on hold as wpd carries on with ikngston. The government has also not reached out to discuss the cancellation, MacRae said, and in the meantime, construction on the site is in full swing.

There were amendments to the contract not made available to public, he said. Bill 2 was passed into law late yesterday afternoon following the third and final reading and the proclamation of royal assent. Ontario schools reverting to old sex-ed curriculum this fall, education minister says. A wind turbine is shown in a file photo. The Act also includes decommissioning, specifically that: Please contact Gord at or Gord.

He argued that aside for the alleged misrepresentation, wpd also failed to meet 75 per cent of the FIT power production benchmarks, and numerous required milestone dates were missed by the company, hence his assertion the White Pines deal should have been terminated when it fell short of aforementioned terms in the contract. It was a packed house on County Road 10 on Monday night as close to Prince Edward County Residents showed up to discuss the latest about the controversial wind turbine project.


She likened the Tory plan to the Liberal gas plant scandal that saw the government relocate two plants at a substantial cost to taxpayers.

We congratulate our new provincial government for acting decisively to cancel a Project which should never have received a Renewable Energy Approval in the first place, much less been permitted to be in development for almost a decade after failing to meet one milestone date after another.

Cancelling Prince Edward County wind project could cost over $M, company warns |

Hirsch said with the turbines reduced to nine after the ERT April decision, wpd cannot meet the requirements of its original FIT contract and they require a new contract with a reduced nameplate capacity and no such contract has been issued yet. Read the full act here: All local kkingston was present.

Wpd had informed the municipality it intended to begin site preparation in South Marysburgh on Sept. Lastly, we have APPEC members and other allies to thank for standing with us for so many years, and for their enthusiastic support of all our efforts. wod

Ian MacRae, president of wpd Canada, the company behind the project, said he was stunned by the news given that the project is weeks away from completion. The bill easily passed the first reading of the PC majority legislature and is subject to two more readings at which time it will be on its way to becoming a new law. Gillespie said an injunction was not being sought at this point. Thank you for all the donations and sponsors click here.

According to articles published in the Globe and Mail, National Post and Toronto Star over the last couple of weeks, wpd is distorting the story of the klngston of the White Pines Project by presenting itself as a victim of the impending legislation. On August 23, the municipality received a letter from wpd Canada president Ian McCrae informing them his company would explore legal avenues if permits, including an amended Road Use Agreement REUwere not issued.


A heartfelt thanks to Councillor Steve Ferguson for his tireless efforts on our behalf. Mark said there is no obligation on the IESO to terminate the contract if the timelines were not met, neither was there was negligent misrepresentation jingston it keeping the public abreast. Please read our Commenting Policy first. There is a much larger public policy issue.

Wind projects are dead | Bellville Intelligencer

July 11, 3: We will be back in court qpd with our stay motion to get wpd to stop. Special thanks is also owed to Mitch Heimpel for his efficient assistance in communicating our concerns with the White Pines Wind Project at the provincial level.

The project includes nine wind turbines meant to produce enough electricity to power just over 3, homes annually. If we do not hear from you on or before September 7th,we will engage our external counsel to take all steps necessary to enforce our rights before the Divisional Court on an urgent basis and to seek our costs for doing so. Shire Hall, Main St. Two had already removed in under the Heritage Act, reducing the project to nine turbines.

South Shore Joint Initiative.

We greet this news with joy — and a big sense of relief.