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These test options are only used for factory burn-in and testing. The characters are typically 22 dots high and 8 dots wide; however to provide readable international characters, some characters are wider. Il tuo indirizzo email non sara pubblicato. Specific attention should be given to emulation and communications settings. These groups of data are indexed by name, and may be called up at any time after they are stored. When upside-down mode is turned on, the printer prints rotated characters from right to left. Repairs are warranted for 90 days from the date of repair or for the balance of the original warranty period, whichever is greater.

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This command does NOT select the font for printing. Version A encodes 11 digits. The 12 x 12 draft font is the most efficient. Underline mode is selected.

Ithaca 610 Programmer`s Guide

The default setting is left justification. Cutter type Rotary Media width 3. Only enhanced and emphasized attributes are available for formatted, rotated print. When the red, error indicator light blinks, continue to hold the Feed button until the blink pattern changes about 5 seconds. Code pages may be changed at any time and are active for all features including rotated print.

The printer makes no assumptions about any of the codes except the check digit. If zero inches are specified, the form feed and vertical tab commands are ignored.


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A total of 64 tab stops can be specified. This feature provides a one-time prompt, on initial power-up, that lets you select from a number of configurations that are pre-loaded for you at the factory. The paper roll end sensor is enabled when either 2 or ifhaca or both bits is on. As discussed above, there are two commands for language selection in IBM mode. X and Y refers to the current active orientation specified by the [ESC]t command and is not same as the page definition of X and Y.

Interleaved 2 of 5 Interleaved 2 ithqca 5 is a high-density, self-checking, continuous, numeric bar code. Code 93 Code 93 is a variable-length, alphanumeric bar code. Macros can be any data normally sent to the printer including graphics.

Using Field Configuration When the power is initially applied to the printer, it will automatically enter field configuration mode. Pack the printer to be returned in the original packing material. All subsequent text, leading spaces, and trailing spaces are underlined. In most cases, the printer generates the check character and inserts it correctly in the format. The printer does not stop printing or go off-line when it senses it is out of paper.

Under Communications, the way the printer deals with the communications port can be adjusted. The complete data field is printed by the printer.

Ithaca M E |Driver

Cover Closed Check Knife Home if installed Paper Present Place Printer On-line, Start Normal Operation The first phase of testing consists of stepand determines that the boot loader is accurate and the printer firmware is correct. Ithaca receipt printer, high quality, high performance Ithaca printers for the demanding POS environments of Hospitality and Retail, Ithaca thermal receipt printer. Command used for printer select and deselect Microline and M50 only What character set is used for a default.


To allow the host application to maintain these groups of data, a series of user store maintenance commands are available. If the value specified is beyond the page boundary, the command is ignored. The value may be between 1 and 8. The pointer position cannot be moved to the left of the left margin. If the head test shows that there is an inconsistency in the drive roll it may be debris or a void.

Tests 1 through 4 produce non-recoverable errors if they fail, in which case the power must be removed from the printer and the printer returned for service.

You will notice that none of the indicator lights will be on when the printer is in OFF. The host need only send the printer the information to be bar coded and a graphic is generated by the printer.