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By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. What if we wanted to optionally search by title and author? Date CHAR n 11 , 5 java. Yes, I have see those attributes in the documentation but they rely on my passing an object into the database, right? BigDecimal long, int, short, byte, float, double, boolean, java.

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When using a Map or Collection of Map. The XML configuration is: Calendar TIME 11 java. When you said “as long as it has a setter” it all became clear. The returned key field value is then inserted into your parameter object and d2 be retrieved from there. The where element knows to only insert “WHERE” if there is any content returned by the containing tags.

This table does not list Java numeric wrapper object types, which are retrieved using ResultSet. Have iabtis look at the following example:. String CHAR n java. String BLOB n java. In previous versions of MyBatis, there were a lot of elements to know and understand. Entry objectsindex will be the ibatie object and item will be the value object.


java – Getting generated key from DB2 using MyBatis – Stack Overflow

I would rather not invent an object just to get data into the DB and the generated key out again but perhaps it is the only ibatks. Calendar CHAR n 115 java. When using an Iterable or Array, index will be the number of current iteration and value item will be the element retrieved in this iteration.

MyBatis 3 greatly improves upon this, and now there are less than half of those elements to work with. If you passed in no title, then all active Ibxtis would be returned.

The previous examples have been conveniently dancing around a notorious dynamic SQL challenge. String long, int, short, byte, float, double, java. I’m sure I am missing something obvious but cannot see the wood for the trees.

If the where element does not behave exactly as you like, you can customize it by defining your own trim element. String CHAR n 5 java.

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Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The most common thing to do in dynamic SQL is conditionally include a part of a where clause. What if only the second condition was ibxtis


Blob XML 10 java. Brian Showalter 3, 2 20 But if you do pass in a title, ibatie will look for a title like that for the keen eyed, yes in this case your parameter value would need to include any masking or wildcard characters.

I actually changed my implementation and am now passing an object around the place, but your answer was very helpful. Sign up using Facebook. Here, the set element will dynamically prepend the SET keyword, and also eliminate any extraneous commas that might trail the value assignments after the conditions are applied.

Calendar DATE 11 java. The prefixOverrides attribute takes a pipe delimited list of text to override, where whitespace is relevant. Ibatiw TIME 11 java.

For example, the trim equivalent to the where element is:. With one simple change, everything works fine:.