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The two mouse buttons are also properly sized, and they have a slightly rough powdercoat finish that provides just the right amount of grip. Dell has toughened Rugged and Rugged Extreme versions of some of its consumer notebooks, and there are several Taiwan-based OEMs that sell durable and semi-ruggeds under various brand names and sometimes also their own. Push it and the screen lights up with high intensity unseen in any regular display. The hinged protective port covers are screwed onto the body of the S via two Philips screws each, making replacements very easy should they break. Target deployment for semi-rugged systems includes utilities, field service, public safety, as well as military applications and vehicle use.

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What this means is that the nits backlight of the S’s optional display is much brighter than any consumer notebook. This for a semi-rugged design advanced thermal management means getqc, according to Getac, the S can maintain a very high level of performance even when it gets hot. The Getac S has been discontinued. The S display still shows no sharp reflections, but it turns a little milky.

Getac S Rugged Laptop Computer – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

Compared to the Getac S400 tablet and V convertible laptop, the difference is primarily that the latter two use ultra-low voltage processors to maximize battery life whereas the S, as a laptop that will more often have access to a power outlet, uses standard voltage processors. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Turning WiFi on hardly made a difference. Memory Max Supported Size. Battery geta will vary upon software applications, wireless settings, power management settings, LCD brightness, customized modules and environmental conditions.


The glossy Gateway display is now even more mirror-like and largely unusable. One slightly distracting thing with this design is that the red illumination bleeds out around the keys. It’s much quicker than fumbling with gwtac. They went for good performance with two dual processor options from Intel’s highly regarded Core processor lineup.

The touchpad is optimally sized and very responsive.

Getac S400 Semi-Rugged Notebook

There’s an optical drive, but no multi-purpose media bay. Getad uses that approach in the QuadraClear technology used in several of its high-end rugged computers. It is secured with about 20 Philips screws, then comes off easy.

Too little, and even the best screen quickly becomes unreadable outdoors. Almost all of the unit’s external interface ports are edge-mounted onto the motherboard.

From left to right, they getzc There’s a touch screen because that often works well with field applications. With Windows Power Options set to Power Saver, radios off, and the display backlight set to its lowest setting, we saw a minimum of about For customers seeking a semi-rugged from one of the traditional rugged computing vendors, the Getac S will definitely be on the short list.

There are also a number of subsidiary boards. There’s an optional optical drive, but no multi-purpose media bay.

Rugged PC – Rugged Notebooks: GETAC S

In terms of screen real estate, compared to the x pixel XGA resolution that was the gold standard in rugged notebooks for many years, it’s like getting getting an additional third added on the side. So what did Getac decide for this 4th generation of its S? Its work surface is marked by a slightly raised border so that you can always feel where it starts and ends.


If maximum performance matters, go for a model with solid state storage, the top-of-the-line Core i7 processor, and, if it is still available for the S the specs don’t mention ita discrete graphics card would further boost 3D and OGL performance.


What’s interesting here is that the S we tested in used over 31 watts when running HD video, and also used more power at Windows Full Power settings. It is an attractive, modern and very well executed design that provides Intel Core i3 and i5 power and excellent connectivity to numerous applications where a standard consumer notebook just won’t do.

There are, however, no fewer than eight indicator lights built into the left side of the case. Almost all of the unit’s external interface ports are edge-mounted onto the motherboard. As far as sealing goes, the S carries an IP5x rating, where the “5” means that the unit is protected against dust gehac with limited amounts permitted and the “x” means that there is no IP rating on protection against water.

This is where product placement comes in.