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I’d recommend it for anyone who wants Pro Tools and doesn’t need all that much to work with, or whom doesn’t want to spend too much money. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. At least I can say I tried ProTools! This new device sits below the standard and Pro versions in the Mbox 2 range, and, like them, ships with a copy of Pro Tools LE. I was good enough for me.

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The first knob controls the overall output level including the headphone digiiwhile the second blends the input signals with the main output software outs 1 and 2.

Unfortunately the manual is virtual and is pages in English. So where does this leave the Mbox 2 Mini?

When a version of OS Digi recommends, yes. Updates are provided from the installation CD. Problems in contrast to final cut pro: Buffer withI can not read more than 3 or 4 recording.

Mbox 2 Mini Drivers

I punch in the fully transparent which I never got no mute on logic express. Not satisfied with those reviews?

In short, the performance is somewhat dcevante, but may be is it my RAM enough? In short, I keep my eyes and my sanity, so I’m going dbrouiller no manual! Very compact, very simple to start. Retailer machine “correct” from three years ago.


Support for this is pretty widespread, though not as extensive as for VST. A good product for APRS me!

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It’s not really as neat interface, ca almost looks like a soft idgi Windows 95 and is still as unwelcoming and intuitive. Unfortunately I do not see more advantage to work on ProTools as the Magix Samplitude 50 euros a bundle that offers more fun, and do not suffer from the exclusivity of the run on Digidesign gear! Did you find this review helpful? I know all this info is a little shaky, but hey I’m beginners and I do not force me too Systm A manual isn’t necessary unless you’re an absolute beginner and don’t know anything about recording or home studios.

The French version is available on mbo Digidesign Write a user review Ask for a user review.


Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Divi 3 of 3 Just a selection of the tools that come included. It would be nice if there were two mic pres on this, but of course if you want that you can always look at the Mbox Pro or even the or I use a Macbook 2.


The opinions here are hilarious. In addition the case is metal. But it doesn’t sound half bad if you’re just using it for simple recordings in your home dihi most people will be doing.

And then it’s Pro Tools In addition to all this, the mbox is only for monitoring interface so its faults are minor.

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I finally got to try ProTools, and it’s actually a wonderful soft. Request a new review.

Easy to set up. What I like least: On paper this card is the bare minimum and that’s what I was waiting for a price slightly lev against the competition, but compensated by prsence license ProTools LE.