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There is a lot going on on the sole which I know turns a few off to clubs but this club gets it right with the aesthetics, and it especially shines from the address view which for me is what matters. For me the was the longest and straightest consistently. So is it for Experts Only?? News 3 weeks ago. Not very relevant but I played with an absolutely terrible golfer a couple of months ago who was admiring my x2 hot. Its all just so much horse manure for the average golfer who will not, cannot, and would not buy a new driver every other month.

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Zak, diamod chance you know the head weight for the aplha and the titleist drivers. Ping and Titleist deal with consumers in a planned, straightforward manner. Technology Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond is the perfect choice if you need ultra low spin to maximize distance.

Since my d I have been getting a new driver every year and adding 12 yards with each driver.

First Hit: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha and Double Black Diamond Drivers – GolfWRX

Each shaft I thought went well, but hey, the club is black. He played college golf at the University of Richmond Go Spiders! You keep saying the same stuff on every new equipment story.


Black is the new white, blue, orange, red…. I find the head cover callaqay the crazy release cycle most interesting. Ian Jan 6, at You are the definition of a troll.

It is a different look and setup than the drivers. Callaway ups the ante with their Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond for those golfers looking for maximum clubhead speed, lower spin and maximum distance.

Russell Oct 2, at 1: While everyone says COR is maxed, which is true, there are different parameters that impact ball flight, such as launch and spin.

Jack Nicklaus said that to hit ball further you need either swing faster or swing better… so you can hit ball farther if you slow down and control swing and impact better. If people want to waste their money on stupid marketing go ahead their money.

View All Custom Shafts. But then I thought about the other sport that I play: Bryan Oct 1, at 4: Holy crap, Callaway taking over Taylormade as kings of the new driver every month.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver Review

I was really excited, not just because this is my first review for Bunkers Paradise but also because I was going to get to hit the Rogue outdoors which was my first outdoor session with that shaft.


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My numbers show its ability to launch the high with a fairly low amount of spin and still retain a high level of ball speed on mishits. Rather than provide a list of all the sources I would like to produce the easiest and the link is Ping. Rich Oct 2, at 9: Well, basically it spins a little more and is more forgiving.

When you change face loft you also change the face angle, so trying all the various combinations with a professional fitter is a must. How could I finish without mentioning that amazing headcover! I just remember very clearly that I was told 1. I was curious if MHendon was full of hot air or if 1.

First Hit: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 and Double Black Diamond Drivers

Basically reinventing the wheel with a new paint job. Do the math started at yds with the d 15 years ago. Thank you for your test results.

Great feel at impact and the speeder shaft is so smooth. BTW good on your ice hokey game.