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Despite tracking every bite and working out 2 hours or more most days of the week, I wasn’t losing weight. Nothing will accurately monitor anything including entering your own food. Like what you read? So far the best electronic gadget that I’ve found for weight loss is my trusty iPod Touch. I am so glad I made the decision to try it! Thanks for posting this.

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It’s about the combination of the two and finding a calorie deficit that works for your personal weight loss. At first, it just takes some adjusting to get the perfect fit.

I know I am a compulsive eater and after countless times of trying to just “eat normal” and finding out I way overshot my calories for the day I am convinced my brain is incapable of bodyugg my eating this way. Notify me of new posts via email.

Who says it’s exact? Either way, I track my food in their tracker and I also track here at Sparks – just comparing the results of the two. Plus when you log your food, you know you have to write down that mini Woreless bar you took from your coworkers candy jar on her desk or even when you have skipped meals which isn’t healthy for you.


Does It Really? What’s the Deal with the bodybugg? | SparkPeople

It took me less than 1 Day to not even notice I was wearing it, perhaps you had it pulled too tight or did not wear it properly if you found it uncomfortable.

I only take it off to shower. I love love love my BB! The software system is foolproof and so easy to use. Given my goal and my start date, it told me that by burning an extra calories a day not unrealistic for wireleess a week weightloss I bodbugg lose the 25 s by January 8th.

This is kind of a rip off since they could provide you nodybugg software to make it work but bodynugg don’t simply to milk more money out of you. Don’t buy the Fitbit until you check out our Fitbit review! You will earn 5 SparkPoints Like what you read? Lots of factors affect your weight at any given moment, and many of them have nothing to do with whether you are gaining, losing or maintaining body fat.

Does It Really? What’s the Deal with the bodybugg?

Email required Address never made public. It kind of looks like you’re wearing one of those arm mp3 players. The GWF is less expensive. I still use SparkPeople to track my food intake- as I am a little obsessed with calories in! About two minutes into a workout it tells me my heart rate has exceeded my recommended range.


Save your money for something else. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I’ve used mine since Thanksgiving and the armband does take some getting use wireoess but once you do then it’s no problem. The Bodybugg can help you meet your goals!!!

It takes different things for different folks. Tasty Bite Madras Lentils review.

That’s how it works bodubugg theory. It is an amazing tool. I am hoping that I can still log in my food through sp and eventually transfer the calorie count to the bb website. Thank you so much for your lively comments on our review of the bodybugg.

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At least not any time in the near future. I feel its very important to weight loss to keep track of what goes in!!!

Prices tend to go down by that time too. Jogging or running outdoors seems far more difficult on my body than on the treadmill.