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Schools giveaway – Collect the tokens to get great educational software for your kids. There has been a shortage of good quality of Slot-A motherboards for the Athlon processor since it was released several months ago. It was almost as if ASUS didn’t want to associate themselves with the K7M but they did want to produce it and naturally enjoy the profits from what would eventually grow to be one of the most demanded motherboards from the Athlon community. Low Rating Athlon MHz: Athlons and Intel P4s triplicate the power: Latest News Latest Videos. It’s not for overclockers!

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ASUS K7M – motherboard – ATX – Slot A – AMD-751 Series

The system was stable until we got to MHz, and which point the system hung in Windows. For further questions please contact our TIB customer mutimedia.

It was arguably the most fully featured of the group. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The Aeus MHz processor: Then again, CPUs at the time didn’t radiate heat quite like they do today. Now that all of the political discussion is out of the way, it is time to take a look at the K7M as a motherboard solution for the Athlon platform.

ASUS K7M AMD 750/VIA 686A Slot-A ATX

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Table of contents — Volume 23 Show all volumes and issues Tables of content are generated automatically and are based on records of articles contained that are available in the TIB-Portal index. I came across a stash of old machines at my workplace that we were going to just throw away.

The retail Athlon comes with a very large multimfdia sink, and a good, high speed fan already installed. Motherboards May 8, – This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. If you thought mobo audio quality is bad now Of course if you’d rather use your own sound card, asjs onboard codec can be disabled through the board’s BIOS setup or via a jumper block located above the third PCI slot.

But this is the limit on the bus setting for this core, so this chip is maxed-out. It was still bigger and definitely “more busy” in terms of components spaced through the board than most other ATX boards at the time.

Asus K7M Gigabyte GA 71X MSI – Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

This move actually didn’t multlmedia them too much in the long run as marketing pressure from Intel seemed to be much worse on those companies that implemented VIA based solutions than on those that simply used AMD chipsets. It might not be entirely obvious to viewers, but I love old hardware.

Then again, with the Athlon being the slowest CPU you can purchase for the K7M, having a software based sound codec won’t do too much damage in terms of overall performance. Microsoft’s second shot at the handheld market. I didn’t have any contacts at Asus, and I ran a computer business on the side This was a pretty fully featured chip at the time.


It was not until official MHz support came in did we see some legroom with overclocking. As a side note, the front side bus on an Athlon motherboard is divided into more parts than on a Pentium III motherboard.

Keep in mind that the onboard audio as well as any AMR add-on devices that are used with the K7M will be driven by your CPU, so hardcore gamers and other such users may want to stick to their hardware PCI sound and hardware modem devices.

I never actually saw one of those cards in the flesh. There was no need to do an exhaustive comparison of these CPUs, they have been compared in detail elsewhere on the web.

This is similar to the situation AMD was in with the Athlon right after it’s release. Nice computer, it multimedla my 4th PC and my first PC used at university. A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. We’ve packed in M.