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Some examples of default memory timing settings in the following order: A magnifying glass may also be helpful. There are some options for the CPU Interface. The author cannot guarantee any further support to readers than what is presented here. I only got sound during boot up from the motherboard saying something like post successful now booting into operating system. The wire trick method to unlock Athlon XP Thoroughbred cpus.

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But of course, I don’t have much experience with anything new than Audigy which is a few years old.

How to Tweak and Configure the nForce2 Chipset and ASUS A7N8X for Digital Audio Recording

You can test that you’ve cut sufficiently deep by using an ohm meter or by testing if the CPU boots with default settings loaded to a MHz FSB, if so you’re done – if not, cut a little deeper. Check your motherboard documentation.

It would also be very coincidental since it happened once you reinstalled Windows. Sounds like a mysterious probelm and may explain why no one has dared to answer your question.

A7N8X deluxe sound problem – TechSpot Forums

It is also recommended that you receive confirmation from the memory vendor that the modules are compatible with the nForce2. Some examples of default memory timing settings in the following order: What you have said doesn’t make much sense and that’s motnerboard makes this a very bizzare problem to troubleshoot. Note that there are incompatibility issues reported with the Matrox G video card and nForce2 in audio applications www.


Configuration Test 1 Test 2 Motherboard: There is currently no BIOS fix for this issue. To automatically unlock the multiplier settings you’ll need to upgrade to the BIOS 1. Readers who may want to get in dialogue with the author e. Join the community hereit only takes a minute. Do you already have an account? I really can’t think of anything unless the information you have provided is somehow incorrect or not complete. So i read through the boards here and no one seemed to have a solution.

Corsair memory compatibility and recommended parts numbers are found here.

Yes, my password is: A summarized table of users’ experiences with compatible memory includes, but is not limited, to:. The author greatly appreciates users’ inputs to make this documentation a reality.

A solid 24 track stress file was recorded Bit I have them plugged into the lime green middle plug in the back. The yellow arrow indicates the location of the bridge to cut.

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs – Motherboard Specifications, A7N8X-LA (Explorer 2)

Any imperfections left in the document are solely the responsibility of the author. Later revisions use the A3 Northbridge chipset. It is my understanding that the nForce2-Asus A7N8X-Athlon XP combination is of significant popularity for use in digital audio and recording since the introduction of the chipset in November, You don’t need to cut very deeply as the wires are just below the substrate surface.


Ask a question and give support. You have by default a maximum of four independent interrupts spread across the PCI slots and Serial ATA controller if onboard audio and midi are in use.

A7N8X Deluxe | ASUS Global

The beta patch can be downloaded from here. It is also acknowledged that a big portion of this document is based on experiences presented at various public nForce2-related and DAW forums respectively. The reason I ask is because I have never been able to record sound without interference if at all.

Still, could a jumper have come off when it was handled? As unlikely as it is, maybe the the FP audio is not wired properly, affecting the rear panel audio.

The Abit NF7- S revision 1.