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If a LocalTalk Option Card is installed, the card must be disabled by switching SW “off” up – open – away from you – toward the platen. Apple hardware since I no longer recall where the picture for the printer is stored. There will be a brief pause as the CUPS interface completes the printer installation, after which a summary page will briefly appear, finally reflecting the correct baud rate and other settings. Design Review and Silver Industrial Design Excellence Awards , [4] making it the first desktop printer to receive such approbation.

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If the ImageWriter front panel “select” button status is not illuminated it will assert the hardware handshake signal. No external power supply need for this printer, just a standard computer power cable will do.

Sequential Systems produced a 2-in-1 solution card that combined both features into one card, as well as larger memory buffer cards up to 1 MB. All downloadable packages described in this document predate Apple’s OS X security feature known as Gatekeeper. Print a test page. Snow White in color, it was introduced with the Apple IIc. Though I have personally tested each one of the packages described in this document and can find no reason for concern, they modify OS X at a privileged level not normally accessible to the user, and no one can guarantee that they have not been tampered with.


When the adapter has been connected its serial port names will appear in this window. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. The next page sets its default options, such as the page size, which will most likely be US Letter.

Languages Italiano Edit links. On the Apple IIcomplex full-color graphics could be printed.

Vintage Apple Imagewriter II Model A9M Printer | eBay

It allowed printing to 12″ appe as well as to 15″ wide paper. KeySerial1 is an alias to the first port found with a Keyspan adapter connected to the Mac.

Power cable is free upon request but not included as you may not need one. They are not used for printing. OS X seems to think these are dialup modem drivers. Join our Mailing List by adding your email address below and be kept up to date with lots of information including: The printer was essentially a re-packaged 9-pin dot matrix printer from C.

Documentation and Resources Certain archived and hard to find Apple documentation follows. Clicking the “reveal triangle” will show their names drag the window’s right edge or lower right corner to resize it and reveal its port and status information: If attempting to print shows “printer paused” then check that the Keyspan adapter and cables are intact.

ImageWriter is a dot matrix printer sold between and by Apple. In the configuration page that follows, configure the serial settings to match the ImageWriter’s serial port as follows. Currently Out of Stock Network your printer with two or more computers!


Vintage Apple Imagewriter II Model A9M0310 Printer

The first ImageWriter is a serial -based dot matrix printer introduced by Apple Computer in late When you are finished, click Add Printer.

The serial port on the printer is the round, 8 pin Mini-DIN. Lion and later OS versions require the 64 bit drivers contained in version 2. To completely delete everything drag all these files to the Trash.

Vintage Apple Image Writer LQ Printer A9M0340

Read the “Important Information”, authenticate when necessary, and complete the installation. The extension will then be eradicated from your system.

Seven color printing, text formatting, character sets and even proportional spacing are all handled easily. Open the downloaded zipfile to expand the keyspanUSAdrvr installer package: The ImageWriter will print its full character set continuously and repeatedly until you power it off. Download the following two files from The Linux Foundation. Overall, they all look and work the same, but there are some parts that are not interchangeable.