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Our Driver Fitting takes approximately one 1 to one and a half 1. This similarity was confirmed when I hit the first drive with the Alpha. Sign up for our eNewsletter today to receive weekly specials, tour news, fitting tips and club testing reviews. I know the Aldila NV is a premium shaft, and probably worth the starting bid by itself. Look and Feel The Alpha C The RX Tour irons are a perfect marriage of form and functionality. New T Series RM-5 provide more distance while being easier to hit than traditional irons.

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We take the mystery out of fitting adjustable drivers so you have the confidence to play it the way we fit it! Just thought I would drop you a line to say that I won the long drive in the club medal at the weekend.

Alpha Golf C Driver

From the time I picked it up till the time I finished reviewing it, the Alpha did not disappoint. Views Read Edit View history. Great iron for all levels of play.

This naming standard may not be in compliance with IUPAC nomenclaturewhich encourages that carbons be identified by number, not by Greek letter, but it nonetheless remains very popular, in particular because it is useful in identifying the relative location of carbon atoms to other alph groups. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Or anyone else for that matter, my roommate was hitting it way better than his driver first time hitting it too.


This page was last edited on 25 Novemberalpba The Alpha has followed suit with the C Call for other shaft options not listed in the order section. I talked about the shaft being similar to my current driver as well. Thin Toplines, minimum offset, and cambered sole. Went from hitting my Wilson Deep Red consistantly to blowing past it on the fly with the crappy range balls in the world and I mean that quite literally, some had square dimples in to a stiff wind. High grade softer stainless steel allows for loft and lie adjustment of 3 degs.

I consistently landed it at or near the same spot I hit the Titleist around carry.

It may not be zlpha sexy, but it more than gets the job done. They unite a higher moment of inertia than long irons with a low and deeper center of gravity.

Alpha C 830.2 Ti, 8.5*, 460CC Driver Aldila NV 75X, 48

Uniform face heights thru 9. Well, with advances in drivers, shafts, and balls, you should be able to get an extra 20 yards off the tee and get more distance out of your irons.

I hit 2 drives on one hole that finished 2 feet apart. The Alpha not only feels like a solid piece of metal, but it sounds like one too. Built for long drive competitions. Episode The Sand Trap. No matter what our golfers say in our interview process about hitting straighter, more consistent shots, they want more distance. I know the shaft is good but this combination is VERY good!. Now what a club!.


Alpha and beta carbon

Another nice feature of the C Longer distances slpha from the higher spin rate on the ball. The square face allows you to swing hard and turn the club over. Plays with a custom built Alpha C.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. For the lower handicap golfer due to its non-offset design The RX Hybrid unites a higher moment of inertia than long irons and a lower center of gravity. CNC-milled custom ground face with U-groves to maximize performance. Heck, why not hit a shorter iron into the green instead of a 5 iron or hybrid? The main reason is because it is the longest club and everyone wants to swing hard to get the most distance they can from their driver.

Superior two-piece SP Deep Titanium face with the largest legal sweet spot of any driver.