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You only get one to two weeks of untethered battery life out of a pair of alkalines. The PenCam VGA 2’s compact size and durable design make it a great tool for a variety of applications. Pictar Pro makes your phone feel more like a premium camera It even adds a viewfinder. Image Processing C o m p a n y Image processing: Even daytime indoor shots commonly can’t be taken. A 26 frame by movie comes out at about 2.

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Aiptek PenCam VGA 1 – digital camera Overview – CNET

This is resolutions from VGA to SQCIF, stacked on top of each other the larger image you get by clicking this picture above is still scaled down somewhat, for file size reasons. Contents Checklist Contents Checklist 1.

Even daytime indoor shots commonly can’t be taken. If you can see your face on split cam it will work on Skype!

Aiptek PenCam Trio VGA Installation Manual

That makes it no worse than any other fixed-focus webcam. On the plus side, the exposure and colour rendition are pretty good, and so’s the field of view.

The Astracam can’t take seven pictures a second, but it can store 46 by shots in its built in memory, and its low light performance is excellent. An outdoor scene, photographed with my Olympus. Medion drivers use the MSN number And you can’t afford a clever enough exposure system that you can include a flash, either. Aiptek installation guide digital camera pencam voice 34 pages. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes!


Posted on Jun 19, Be the first to answer. When the USB connector is unplugged the camera will switch off. The Limited Warranty will also be null and void, and Aiptek shall then be released from honoring any and all parts of the Limited Warranty.

Fiddling with the focus lets you peencam quite sharp pictures out of the PenCam for close-ups and for landscape shots. In this mode, it is easy to attach the camera to your system, to use as a stand PC camera. After pressing “OK” the selected image will be processed using the checked function. And you’re probably going to use a very dodgy little lens.

And a rather bizarre four-by-four-pixel mode that seems to just be there to point out to the user that you can set your own arbitrary resolutions – if you want 64 by 48 for some reason, go ahead and type the numbers into the boxes and that’s what you’ll get. It is easy to edit any photo you want in the album folder.

For convenience and versatility at a price that you can afford, the Aiptek PenCam VGA 2 truly is an unparalleled value. The recipient must also agree to the terms of this EULA. But if I tried to get in close, all I got was low-pitched error beeps. Press the “Link” button to link up the camera and upload photo icons. The bad news is that actually getting the focus right is a big pain.


One day, there’ll be a digital camera that costs no more than a “consumer” film camera and delivers similar picture quality. Image Process Mail Function: Want to take better photos and videos? You have to forget about vgaa memory.

There’s some basic image processing built into the Manager, and it also works as a TWAIN driver, allowing you to import images directly into all sorts of applications.

You must be registered with Aiptek in order to obtain the Warranty Service. That’s the sort of distortion I’m talking about click the image to see the by original. This guide will walk you through the steps of how to install the PenCam onto your computer system. The Umax Astracam is still head and shoulders above the PenCam in image quality; its lens is much better, and so’s its image sensor.

Additional Features Self-Timer Delay.