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This window now appears:. This is done pretty straight forward. A prompt appears asking for a username. IP address will be Calculate expert password script. It definitely can make live a lot easier, but it’s optional.

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Privacy policy About Support Disclaimers. NCF recommends making wifi changes on your modem from a computer that is connected via an ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports behind the SpeedTouch.

WeetHet – ADSL – How to hack the Alcatel SpeedTouch Home

This window now appears:. This is not only difficult to implement for the no-Windows machines, but also an additional load in general. WeetHet is being updated! Since in the past the default Thompson wireless keys have been easy to hack it is recommended that you change the wireless key. If you would like to know more about the Alcatel Shell, for example for mapping ports, you will need the command line interface manualwhich you can download here.

SpeedTouch – Wikipedia

Make sure there is NO dialup adapter installed on your PC! All PC’s are automatically connected to the Internet – no additional action required! The hack makes your modem a Pro version.


The SDSC script will now return with a new page stating the proper password a 10 digit number. IP address sperdtouch be Enter these setting for KPN:. You can check that it worked by waiting a day for the DSL use page to be updated it is updated nightly. Next problem is that the computer you are using should be able to setup a PPTP dialup connection.

The advantage here is that you get some really cool features. In the ” Phone Book ” screen, you must now add a new entry.

Save the original number, as you will need it for undoing the hack. Enter ” system ” to enter system-mode, and finally enter ” reboot ” to have the modem reboot. Enter the address ” http: Change the number to something larger than 3 days eg. If you did everything by the book, you should now get a confirmation of the Alcatel modem that you are indeed in expert mode.

speectouch At the ” User ” prompt you should use the username ” guest “. Connect the modem to power and reset it to the original factory configuration by holding the reset button for 15 seconds.

I noticed for ISDN modems that the response isso the new number will be If there are many session of short duration eg. See the ” How to upgrade firmware ” page for details. Click the blue ” Apply ” button in the left-top corner and click the blue ” Xdsl All ” button on the speedtohch left. If you do now use a MXStream account in the Netherlands, then you might need slightly different settings! The red marked text is the required password. This means that your setup, after the hack, can be limited to a modem, a simple hub and your PC s as shown below:.


SpeedTouch 516 and 585 on ADSL2+

Analog modems appear to have a response actually, at the www. The configuration is done now. Make sure ” Obtain an IP address automatically ” is checked. The Alcatel Pro has additional features like acting as a router, DHCP server and it can actually do the dialing asl for you. Updating firmware is NOT without riscs and can render you modem useless!