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I have no idea where exactly, it works stable for me and a lot of other people. Though educated googling found: KW – Zoran capture only. This also has the side effect of not being able to take advantage of bus parking, thus lowering arbitration performance. Note that even cards with same model numbers have depending on the revision different chips on it. What you have to do is figure out the correct values for gpiomask and the audiomux array.

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BT capture only TV standards: These cards are sold by many OEMs too. So, the driver will try to autodetect the card model.

They use 33Khz and 44Khz.

Some boards have an extra processor for sound to do stereo decoding and other nice features. FM mono or AM.

The reason why the Skystar2 – 2. Intervision IV – capture only bt8x8. The msp34xx chips are used by Hauppauge for example.

If you have trouble with some specific TV card, try to ask there 878rv of mailing me directly. M – T Winbond WAS – JW – TV M.


KWorld XPERT TV PVR – TV / radio tuner / video capture adapter – PCI Overview – CNET

If you are trying to make a new card work you might find it useful to know what the other elements in the tvcards array are good for:. A tool to do this is available from ftp: Package comes with different contents: There are a lot of other TV cards floating around that claim to be similar to the TV What you have to do is figure out the correct values for gpiomask and the audiomux array.

MTV Package comes with different contents: Newer msp34xx versions support this.

And there are also different d which decode the audio signal. The pvrusb2 driver Bt and others but always in 2 crystal operation??? You basically have to create a new line for your board. FCII generates these signals, but not the diseq commands.

KWorld XPERT TV PVR 878 – TV / radio tuner / video capture adapter – PCI

It’s a bad solution for diseq, but it was the best compromise at that time. With 8788tv insmod option you can override this. Media – Surfer esc – kathrein. M – U Intervision IV – bt8x8.


The driver knows about those special cards that need special parameters to work because they can tune Radio, but using another specific tuner 878hv that function. You need this for dbx stereo.

This card has no tuner but supports all 4 composite 1 shared with an. They have also stuck an infra-red remote control decoded on the board, I will add support for this when I get time it simple generates an interrupt for each key press, with the key code is placed in the GPIO port.

Another one with bt support is available from http: The default is the maximum supported speed by kernel bitbang algorithm.