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Holiday Shopping with Budget Golf November 22, Bought the VR Pro and loved the performance and feel. A few long and straight drives later, Richard handed the driver back to me, seemingly pleased. I owned this driver and it had been solid for me. But the grips Nike put on these clubs are terrible — you hit a couple of shots and it feels like club slips out of your hands every one of my friends immediately commented about the shitty grips when they tried it — i dont understand how you can sell your top-end product with such a crappy grip….

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A month later and 4 rounds later I found a crack along the compression channel.

Nike Golf was formed to also to manufacture and sell golf clubs and balls in order to cash in on the growing golf market. But if tinkering is your thing Overall it was a mixed bag, with one tester absolutely less than thrilled about the looks 4. The precise adjustability will give better players the ability to precisely adjust the club for their particular game, and average golfers will gain more confidence knowing they can adjust the club to counteract swing flaws on any given day.

Wilson Staff Tsr8-fit Irons December 10, We accept credit cards through PayPal. Accuracy scores will certainly never be as high as distance scores.

Nike VR Str8-Fit Tour Driver Review

For a player like myself who is not always consistent, the adjustability creates the assurance that I can achieve a fade or draw with the help of the club. Your email address will not be published.


It just surprises me. Check out our contests!

I love the look of head top and bottom it is prob my favorite on the market. The drives you hit with the VR really were straight and long, I was impressed! I think 32 different settings are at least 16 too many ; at least where adjustments at the shaft are concerned.

I struggled a 200 on the range with it and then took it out on the course to give it another chance. Look for those soon!

Nike VR STR8-FIT Tour Fairway Wood Review – Golfalot

I have absolutely no proof, but I suspect the STR8-Fit 0210 has a fairly dramatic impact on feel, and if Nike ever decided to product a lower priced, glued model, the results would be better. As they often do, the big hitters posted scores above Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

Glad it treated you well, and I hope to see you over at Stonecreek again some time soon. However, he rated it highly in all other categories.

Product Review: Nike VR Pro STR8-FIT Driver | NG NATION — Nike Golf Fan Blog

Nlke the average recreational golfer whose swing is not as consistent I speak for myself herethis amount and precision of adjustability might be a bit more than he or she really needs — but I think the real advantage here is that on any sfr8-fit day you can adjust the face angle to counteract any particular negative swing tendencies that are happening in your warm up session. This attractive, traditionally shaped driver is heavy on technology, and its precise adjustability will allow the better player to tweak the club to their particular swing tendencies.


The combination of the all-new Compression Channel technology and the STR8-FIT face angle technology deliver longer distance and more shot shaping control with this driver. As I said, not every shot was great, but on wtr8-fit missed shots the club was more forgiving than my current 3-wood.

Chris commented that he found it easier to work the ball left to right rather than the other way because he felt it sat quite upright at address. Njke just a little moisture sweat, water, etc.

Is -2 the draw adjustment? The silver ‘crescent’ that was on the back of the club head has thankfully gone, but the design feature is subtly still there through a small ridge across the back of the head, which we think is very clever. Media Reviews Today’s Golfer.

Product Review: Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Fairway Wood

This club would eliminate the need for me. It was only a matter of time before Nike added a driver to supplement this successful series of iron designs. Are the fit instructions written only for a a right hander. The TM guys really wanted me to go with their stuff, but the numbers never got close. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

Nike has a sstr8-fit, in more ways than one.