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I thought the car was uninteresting at first in the rental lot, but 2 weeks driving it and I think it looks great! I think the Compass has more glass in the hatch In short being someone who likes cheap and cheerful I would buy one probably used. And from what I had seen was pretty popular with tuners. My complaint list goes on and on: Some say an Oil tanker takes 7 miles to turn. People on this board may zing it, but the buying public loves it. It really does manage to effectively cram the whole Dodge truck design pathos onto a FWD compact car without looking bulbous or otherwise bizarre.

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Finally there is an American-made alternative to the boring, mundane cars from Asia, and the other American econoboxes. People on this board may zing it, but the buying public loves it.

As others have said, I see this as a being a flash-in-the-pan redesign, which will make their eport problems even worse. Is that still in the plans or already released?

This car is in a completely different class than the Neon. If his critique means anything, then he is obviously a much nicer or at least more charitable person than I am: They have engines that are fairly close in output, with the Dodge being a little higher, but a bit heavier as well.

I bought a Pontiac nee Chevette new, too. I am also interested in the Patriot as a former Cherokee owner.


It is a bare-boned sheet metal box that gets 40 mpg with a plastique lunch box interior. When the Challenger or Camaro roll out the mustang will get an update to GT styling and rumored to have chassis upgrades. Some of the wonderful data Michael Karesh is compiling on cars saying the Caliber is initially reliable, you free xanadiandriver types overlook so you can flap at the Caliber some more.

Your review is dead-on! The motor is a joint venture, the Global engine.

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There where whole sites dedicated to Neon tuner parts. I seemed to have found gods gift to driving through the random situations which south central Alaska is known to generate. Could the interior be less plasticy?

The three engines available for the Caliber where developed mainly by Hyundai and Mitsubishi. The interior is also well insulated from intrusive noise and annoying vibration. In any case, The Dodge Boys should revisit the Caliber soonbefore they lose all credibility in the four-cylinder sweepstakes.

By Adrian Imonti on February 23, And the poor outward visibility is disgraceful: I speak as one of these people. If I ever relaxed a bit, the car cnaadiandriver just start randomly veering — quite scary.

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Lesley, I thoroughly enjoyed this review, perhaps esp this passage. I mean up to such a degree that even with taxes a person could have made money just buying neons and selling them a year later. Caro el mio caro fio, ma fio, po fio, che ve lo digo de cuor Second, my Canadiandrriver is steering away from repair shops. And we canzdiandriver build better cars than the Malaysians!

And the Ridgeline seems to be the butt of a lot more ugly jokes than the Caliber.

Dodge Caliber Review

This car is freaking ugly. It seemed pretty cool, it had gps,leather seats and a 5 speed stick. What went wrong with the neon? Price it a little higher—Chrysler is supposed to be a higher end brand. Um… dunno, never had an MRI? When they switched me to the Caliber, I thought there must be some mistake.